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Paco de Lucía… Good bye master

Few things to add about everything that has been written about Paco de Lucía after he passed away, his art and mastery with the guitar, undoubtedly without label his style, was and probably will remain, the greatest guitarist of all times. No detracting from anyone  but always caused me surprise that he was compared with other guitarists coming...

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Bob dylan, an American troubadour

A very interesting documental about the Bob Dylan career, even myself didn’t know many of the showed details. 10 video in Youtube (narrated in Spanish) that I highly recommend to anyone either likes Bob Dylan music or don’t Compartir...

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My 1º Music videoclip

Just to let you know about my first simple videoclip.. Compartir...

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Helpless new Neil Young cover

A new Neil Young cover, Helpless Compartir contenido:FacebookTwitterGoogleEmail

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